Monday, September 28, 2009


That's what I've got on tap for the next 12 days. 2 more races ( both 12 hrs.) then a few weeks off. I'm not going to gain any fitness in 12 days, nor lose any of the type of fitness I need for the last race so I'm forced to enjoy myself for the remainder of the " season". I've been doing a lot of sleeping lately - I'm talking about championship style sleeping here too- 10 hrs. a night. I got in almost 12 hrs of sleep last Monday night! I usually can't sleep well so I'm really fired up about this. With all this extra time sleeping I'm surprised to find myself still riding the same amount (16ish hrs) a week. The weather is improving now. This past weekend was great, got in 4 hrs Saturday in the cool misty air. Felt really strong and I hope that carries over to Dauset this Sat. Met up with a group ride of CBC guys on Sunday. Rolled out to Kiawah with about 20-25 of them nice and easy. A little too easy to be a beneficial ride but a good day none the less. Split off on the way back and knocked out another hour by myself for another good day.
Now all I need to do is get a little riding in during the weekdays- maybe one hard day a week, knock out the two 12 hr. races on the weekends and I'm done for awhile. I have 3 weeks off the bike scheduled after that. I noticed the other day that I need a break- I'm getting kinda beat up and still not fully healed from March's crash. Or August's crash at Fool's Gold. Somehow got both shoulders in one year! Time for hiking, camping, motorcycle trips, household projects, and living like a normal person . Just long enough to remind myself that I'm not a normal person and I need to start training for 2010 and the big developments ( to be revealed soon enough!) it holds.
I need to get back to thinking about doing nothing for awhile.
DH out

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