Sunday, November 30, 2008

Triple Option

Wow. 409 rushing yards against UGA. Ya knew the triple option was coming. Giving up multiple 60 yd. touchdowns. Stings doesn't it?
Go Jackets!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Bike improvements

Got out to the trails again today for 45ish miles. Nice, sunny day with 50 deg. temps and no wind. My rig is running great now since I made a few crucial upgrades. Gone is the aluminum switchblade fork- in it's place is the carbon version. Waayy smoother ride now and I think it is a tad lighter if that means anything. Ditched the Thompson seatpost too ( not because it is a bad post- still the best out there for most bikes!) and replaced it with a Bontrager XXX carbon variety- again, much smoother although prob. heavier- see how things even out! Last on the list was to can the BMX grips and replace them with a pair of green Ergon GX-1 grips. Those grips are great! I've been trying to get a pair for the last year but none of my distributors have had 'em in stock. Worth the wait. I've had problems with my two outside fingers and 1/2 my hand going numb about an hour into a ride since 12 hrs. of Santos this year. Once I got the angle right (critical) the grips worked great- I've got in two four hr. rides in the last 3 days with no hand problems! Anyways- the bike is riding great now- almost can't tell it is rigid until I get on the gas and it moves! Now- have to find some good wheels for it- the stockers came off a tractor trailer I think.
Anybody have any suggestions for hydration packs- let me know- My hydrapack is getting on my last nerve. It would be great to have something that keeps the water in until I need to use it instead of resembling a cropduster spraying down the trail (and me). Something with straps that one could adjust while riding would be great too!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Today's ride

Got in 50+ solid miles today on the mountain bike. 60-63 deg. and sunny made for a good day! Here's some pictures-

The camera is back in action!

Lost my download cable for my camera so I haven't been able to get any new pictures up. I have also lost my belt and my leg warmers somewhere in the move. I found the cable this morning so I'm up and running there. Now- if I can just find the belt everything will be fine.

Anyways- here are some pictures from the Savannah Cyclocross race and one I took while road riding up in Asheville a couple of weeks ago.

Headed out now for 4-5 hrs on the mountain bike for some tempo effort. I'll get some pics up of that as well.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Winter is finally starting to show up here. 42 deg. today and awfully windy. Tomorrow morning it is suppose to be 28 degrees (gasp!) People are gonna freak out here. They will probably run out and buy up all the bread, water, and fire logs that they can find. They can't handle any kind of weather change down here. Hurricanes, cold snaps, and heaven forbid snow. I remember in 2002 a flurry was reported and everything shut down. People got into wrecks on I-26 and 526 out of principle I guess. Bizzare.

Got in a good 3 hr. tempo MTB ride at Marrington today, despite the conditions. It was still sunny out so it couldn't be that bad! The legs felt good and wasn't very hard to knock out some mileage. Have a new carbon fork on order for the rig. Can't wait to get that as my hands were done in again today by the roots. Man that place is rough. Got to ride some new trails too- once finished and worn in , they will be the best by far in Charleston. The new trails have a surprising ammount of elevation change, some rocks, a couple of creek crossings, and something new to the area that I have identified as a "bench cut singletrack".
Anyways- figure I should go ride em' as much as I can to help wear them in.

Got to see a crew of guys turning a swamp into a lake out there too. 3 huge boats destroying everything in the water. They had huge blades spinning at the bow that were chopping everything to oblivion. Muddy water , mud, logs, and bushes were flying 20 feet into the air. Never seen anything like it. There were other boats as well, they had conveyor belts and paddle wheels. Those guys were picking up the destroyed gunk and loading it into dump trucks up on a dike. Never noticed how big that swamp was until it turned into a muddy lake. Guess they will dredge it some too then that will be that!
I need a nap-

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Long overdue update

I guess I've got alot of catching up to do. Here's what I've been up to in Oct. and Nov.:
1. Cyclocross race in Savannah Oct 19th- Raced the singlespeed race first on my Gary Fisher Rig w/ 700c disc wheels. Was way undergeared and had a hard time on the flats- there were alot, but managed to get 3rd. Geared up a couple of teeth for the Pro race next and rode much better. Finished mid pack @ 15th.

2. Bought a house on Oct 24th and moved in that weekend. We had a good group and moved the whole house in 3 hours flat. Pretty impressive. The new house rocks! I think- all I pay attention to is the garage. The garage rocks! Tons of room for many bikes and motorcycles.

3. Work

4. Riding about 16 hrs a week now, gym work for the last 7 weeks. Feeling pretty strong.

5. Trip to NC to "race" the Swank 65 Mtb race in Brevard. 40 ish miles of technical terrain. Took the singlespeed rigid rig instead of suspension and gears. Didn't regret it. ( regreted it for about 5 min climbing up to Farlow Gap ) Race went well. I had decided that I would keep my HR under 175 since it is winter and I should be doing base training. Raced in cutt-off Dickie's to remind me to not get too serious. Managed to stay under 170 hr and have fun for the most part. The best part was passing all the full suspension walkers down Farlow. Rode that section better than ever, only dismounting for a couple of creeks at the bottom of the steep stuff and one 10-15 foot drop into a creek. Thanks to the 29" wheels rolling over everything! Anyways- Never red lined it, had fun, and rode well to finish 18th out of 150. I'll take it for now.