Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Fall is starting to show up.

The weather is finally starting to get nice. 60's in the mornings and mid to high 70's by the afternoon. I am so ready for summer to be gone. Should be nice out until Dec. now. I hope so, I've got alot of miles to ride from now until January! Speaking of that, I'm feeling much better now. The soreness has all gone away and the legs are starting to feel good- getting alot of power out of them at low levels of intensity. Added more weight to my gym workouts yesterday and ran a much longer loop last night than normal. I think I'm gonna push it longer on tomorrow's run as well. Got one of my new bikes up and running this weekend. Brad and I got up to Marrington Plantation for a couple of hours of trail riding. I have to bump up the gearing on my bike- already ditched the stock setup and still need a taller gear. The race bike will need an even taller one when it comes in. So goes the fun of singlespeeds- looking forward to a different setup every race. Anyways- the bike rode well- 29'er w/ a rigid fork feels nearly as comfy as a 26 w/ a suspension fork. I spent all last year on the Yeti w/ a rigid fork and enjoyed it so these new bikes will be cake to ride. I'll end up with 2 Fox 29 suspension forks to sell if anyone is interested!
I need to go to work now-

Thursday, October 02, 2008

I've been crippled!

Started my training for 2009 this Monday. Doing about 8-10 hrs. a week on the bike w/ weights and running added in as well. I'll ditch the running in about 6 weeks, then the base training begins. This will carry on until Feb culminating with about 25 hrs. a week. Then switch to a 9 week build period so I peak when I want to and wreak havoc when appropriate( schedule is decided but will not be revealed yet).
Back to the crippling- started weights and as always- overdid it the first time and now I can barely move around. I can run and ride but any movement requiring muscles other than those used for that don't function very well. Even hurts to sit down on the throne. That is slowly going away. I have a gym workout tomorrow that will hurt, but the soreness should be gone after that.
Got to go- DH