Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Quick Update

I'm tired so I'll write more later. Here is a summery of my weekend though:
Fri morning Aaron and I drove to Jackson, GA for the 12 Hrs. of Dauset race. Got there, set up the pit area and went out for a pre-ride. Noticed that my bars were moving and after some investigation found that I had broken my stem faceplate. Nice. Got a lap in anyways, made a phone call and had a new stem on the way. Stayed with family and ate at the mega Chinese Buffet. After a trip to Wal-Mart for supplies and people watching we hit the sack.
The race start went well, got the holeshot and rode off. Got passed bu some 6 hr and team guys but passed them back by the 3rd lap to lead again. Flatted. Rode 3 different front wheels. Didn't crash this race! Anyways- lapped 2nd place 8 hrs. in and was running 2nd overall out of all solos and teams. So........I got to stop an hour and a half early because it was mathematically impossible to get caught. Got in 13 laps @ 10 miles each. Could have easily done 14 but didn't need to and with the Helen 12 hr. this weekend played it safe.
Got to go-DH

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