Wednesday, June 20, 2007


I am sooo bored. Some stitches "fell" out of my knee today. Scissors "fell" on them, then they "fell" on the wheelroom floor. This was fortunate- they were so loose and useless, they needed to come out and if I don't have to wait in the doctor's office, it's that much better. More will probably fall out soon.

I've had alot of time on my hands and built up my Yeti hardtail as a cross, fireroad, commuter bike. See attatched photo. Looks fast and feels light. Too bad I can't bend my knee enough to ride it yet.

I have been watching TV later at night because I don't need as much sleep when I'm not riding 3 hrs a day. Saw a great show on the History Channel last night. There is a DeBeers Diamond mine in Canada-near the Arctic Circle. The only problem with this is it is 350 miles from the nearest road in Yellowknife ( Northwest Territories I think). There is nothing but lakes and swamp for 10 months of the year. This mine uses an incredible 10,000 tractor trailor loads of supplies , problem is- there is no way to deliver it. Here is the "brilliant" solution. For 2 months in the winter, the temp gets down to 40 BELOW. They build a 350 mile road of 24" thick ICE for the trucks to drive on to the mines. All over 200 ft. of water in whiteout conditions. As soon as the weather is ready, they send truck after truck 24/ 7 until the "road "melts when it warms. The Ice buckles and cracks when these 30,000 lb. trucks drive on it because the weight causes waves under the ice. Drive too fast and the wave will break through and your truck goes in. It's OK if you keep moving. If you break down, you will probably die. If the truck doesn't move, the dead weight and vibration from the engine will break through the ice- and you go swimming. If you shut off the engine- well it is 40 below and that will be the end of the line too. These drivers come from all over to risk their lives. It is worth it- they make more in 6-8 weeks than they will in a year driving elsewhere. I think that's pretty cool. ( no pun intended ) All I want to know is how do you figure out it is OK to drive an overweight tractor trailer 350 miles over a frozen lake? They have done it for 60+ years now. I wanna meet the 1st guy to say- "sure- I'll give it a go" Later- DH

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sweet Home Alabama

Here are some pictures from last weekend in AL. First off- The first sign we see when we get into AL is in the picture. " Keep Alabama The Beautiful". What does that mean? The beautiful what? Did the corrections facility that made the signs have budget cutbacks and not finish them, or is AL trying to catch up with the literacy rate in Mississippi? Anyways- The other picture is me pedaling around the racecourse for awhile.

On another note- I'm getting mobility back, I can hobble around a bit and move my knee more everyday. Hopefully it won't keep me out too long. Later-DH

Friday, June 08, 2007

New Crutches

After all my health problems the last 3 weeks I thought I was in the clear. Went to Birmingham for Bump and Grind, great course- fun to ride. Had no expectations and didn't get last so it was a good weekend. Pics to come. Had a good time with Liza that weekend, got some travelin and good food in too.
Had a great week riding too- feeling so much better, fast without trying on Tues. Group ride and good rides all week.
Till last night. Went out on the Sycamore Cycle's Group ride. Actually one of the best I've done- nice and mellow with everyone riding a good pace. Stopped to regroup on Hickory Knob and start the DH. 1st right hand turn and I get off line and clip a log. I have to jump over the bars, land and roll in the soft grass to a stop. Not a hard fall and a very soft landing. I think I was even laughing while I crashed.
I go to stand up and notice my knee is hanging wide open and I can see stuff in it that I'm not suppose to see- like cut muscle and tendons. So with the much appreciated help of the Sycamore crew I got "patched up" with a sweat band, tube , and electrical tape. Wes D and Stephen carried me back to the top of Hickory Knob where I got back on my bike. One legged all the way down Black Mtn. Trail, then Clawhammer back to the Stables where Chris was waiting w/ the truck.
Long story short- got 20 stitches w/ 5 inside my knee. Tendon got smashed and briused but not cut so I'll be alright. Got home At 1:30 am .
Anyways- So looks like Cross season is rapidly becoming my focus due to my compounding innability to train this year for the normal season. Guess I am suppose to get some rest this year. I'll post pics as soon as I can pick my van up (the camera is in it.) Later- DH

Friday, June 01, 2007

What Next?

Well I'm 90% over the cold, allergy, sinus infection whatever mess it was that crushed me the last 2 weeks. Rode yesterday and the day before. Last night I got a stomach virus and was in the bathroom every 1/2 hr. all night long. At least I've lost some weight- but I doubt I will feel good enough to race this weekend. We are still heading over though- maybe I can recover in time. I'll know soon enough! Later-DH