Thursday, October 27, 2011

Preparation for Impending Pain and Suffering

Back in Myrtle Beach for the day. Took the day off the bike to get squared away for the weekend. See...Brad signed us up for a little race called the Double Dare this weekend. No matter how bad things look Brad knows that if he registers us, gets a hotel, and gets the time off then I'm in. All he needs to do is call me up and say we're going. He knows that I'm game for anything ridiculously hard, I won't crack, and that he's the one that has to bring his A game for us to win. It's worked well for us the last two years as we've never lost a race when we've teamed up. This one will be a tall order to pull off though. Yeah, we've got a lot written in the "Pro" category, but there are an equal amount of problems listed in the " con " category. Gonna be freezing cold at night and there's going to be plenty of very strong guys there!
We'll see how the math works out by Sunday night!
If you haven't heard of the Double Dare, I'll explain the gist of it for you: It's smack in the middle of Pisgah National Forest. It is a 2 person team competition- You have to stay together the entire race. It starts at Noon this Saturday. At the start the organiser will announce 10 checkpoints throughout Western North Carolina and say GO. No route/ course, no SAG, no support, and most paved roads are off limits. You have to get back to the start before Midnight after trying to reach all 10 checkpoints. You're 1 second late and they don't count. Hardly any team will get all 10. There is a special test at midnight for time bonuses.
6AM it starts all over until 6 PM Sunday night. The team with the most combined checkpoints in the least amount of time wins. Looks like just under 100 miles a day in Pisgah separated by a 6 hr break. This is going to be particularly awesome Sunday morning when we wake up at 5:30 AM to race off in 32 degree weather in the dark. After riding 12 hrs the day before. And not really sleeping. The only thing I'm wondering is why are we stopping at all? Let's call it a 30 hr. race and let it rip! I'm really looking forward to miles and miles of Pisgah. The singletrack levels in my life have been a little too low lately and I need to restock!
Anyways- I'm all finished up packing the mandatory gear onto my bike and into my bags and ready to roll. Going to a haunted house tonight, rolling back to Charleston to pick up Brad in the morning and we are Pisgah inbound.
Stay tuned for a race report sometime next week. Probably not Monday or Tuesday as I'll be completely destroyed for awhile after this one!

Monday, October 24, 2011


What a great weekend! Got some riding in- road and dirt, watched Liza run the Myrtle Beach 1/2 Marathon and completed my first painting since 06. I've started numerous painings but get distracted easily by things on two wheels. Painted this one from one of the photos I took Monday night. I think I'll call it " Night Ride". Anyways- beautiful weather and I'm feeling very rested. Looking forward to alot of miles of dirt in Pisgah this weekend at the Double Dare! Looks like clear skies, highs in the low 60's, and lows in the mid 30's. Lock and load!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Night Ride

Here's some Charleston scenes from my night ride Monday. I have some clearer shots but like the blurry ones better!