Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Hasn't been much to write about lately. All healed up from last September's accident. More than healed up to tell the truth. The time off has done wonders for me. I'm pain free for the 1st time in probably 3 years and the motivation to train and race is higher than ever.I've lost 10lbs. and I'm going on 7 weeks of solid training now. In the last 2 years it's been hard to put together more than 2 consistent weeks. We'll see if it's all going to pan out soon enough with 12 hrs. of Santos this Saturday. For the 1st time I'm racing as a 2 man team instead of solo. Hoping to avoid burying myself early in the year I think this is the way to go. With some big races coming up I want to be strong all year.
I'm on 2 new teams now- Momentum Racing off road and ABRC (Asheville Bicycle Racing Club)on the road. Both of thse teams appear to be very competitive this year.I'm looking forward to road racing more this year. I miss crits and have a schedule full of them.
I will be moving again in a few months as well. Liza was promoted in January to a District Manager...............of the Grand Strand District. Hello Myrtle Beach. It's a huge step up for her so that's good even if I don't know what I'll do there!
Anyways- I'll post again with a write up after Santos. With 75-78 degrees and sunny on the forecast- it can't be bad!
DH Out.