Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Faster Mustache Stats

After an excessively long write up last night- I realized that I didn't mention any of the statistics from the race. If you are interested in this stuff, here it is:

According to my PowerTap:
21:56:05 hrs moving time ( not counting red lights, getting pulled by the po-po, or pitting. Also 43 min short of 24 hr due to not having to do a 33rd lap.)

381.69 miles

Appx 20,000 feet of climbing

13,317 KiloJoules

Averaged 172 watts, 1082 watts max

16.4 mph avg speed, 34.8 max

Still can't feel my right pinky finger or left big toe. My right forearm really hurts now. From shifting gears?


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RickySilk said...

13,000kjs! OH SNAP!