Friday, September 18, 2009

Rain Dance

I'm headed off to Jackson, GA in a few minutes for the 12 hrs. of Dauset. While I'm still a little tired from last weekend's effort, I decided to go. I like that race. It just got better- the Weather channel is calling for rain all weekend! I am glad to hear that-takes the emphasis off of speed a bit and swings it back to technical ability, experience, and mental toughness. Racing in the rain will crack some people. The key is to accept the fact that you'll go slower and it will be harder. Everyone is slower and working harder. It's easy to feel like everyone else is going regular speed while you are the only one fighting the conditions. Truth is- everyone is hating it. The racers that accept that fact do fine, the ones that don't get frustrated and have meltdowns.
Mechanicals should play a part as well in the mud. Fortunately, I've got the bike for the job! My singlespeed Niner SIR9 has yet to give me a drivetrain issue and won't this weekend either. The simplicity of the singlespeed is an advantage in the mud. My brake pads on the other hand may wear out-that's my biggest worry. Oh yeah- and the fact that I raced for 24 hrs less than a week ago. I feel ok now but 8 hrs in? Who knows- this is uncharted territory for me. May end up curled up in a field asleep like my first 12 hr.
Anyways- I'm off- DH

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