Thursday, May 27, 2010


Wow- talk about losing the message in translation. Good job Nissan- perfect timing with the current "Floydgate" situation! "Discover the science behind legendary performance" Yep. Might want to change that ad.

On to more important matters....4 more days and I get to hop a plane to the Bahamas w/ Liza!
Made my day-DH

Monday, May 10, 2010


Time for a little break. My right shoulder still hurts from when I separated it last March. I can't figure when it happened but now my left shoulder is in more pain than the right! Maybe it got jealous or sympathetic? Who knows. I did have a crash at FATS well over a month ago where I landed on the left shoulder but it felt fine for a couple of weeks. Now it's getting worse. As if that wasn't enough, my left knee is inflamed and killing me. I also have a hangnail. I know how the knee happened. I installed some new Shimano pedals on the Niner. Had to ditch the crank bros. Got sick of rebuilding them. Anyways- I don't think I installed my cleat where it should have been. It seems like all I want to do is ride around on the mtb lately- with the increase in mileage and the misaligned cleat- I think it caused the hangnail...or the knee issue. I can't bend it very well now.
Sooo.. I will skip the SERC race this weekend and 12 hrs. of Tsali the next. After that Liza and I are headed to the Bahamas for a week for our 8th anniversary. If you want to rob my house- stop on by! Better not- we have 2 police officers house sitting for the week.( really!) Liza's sister and brother in law are gonna come down for a vacation in Charleston while we are gone. Works out great! Sorry to dissapoint you if you were hoping to score some Niners!
After that I should'nt feel like a cripple anymore and will be back in action soon. The plans for the rest of the year have changed a little though. I'm still doing the rest of the SERC series, ORAMM, Fool's Gold, and a couple of 12 hr races; however, the big one will be Trans North Georgia in Sept. Really looking forward to that. Nathan and I are teaming up again and it should be a good time! Gotta go work on bikes now-DH out.