Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Why the Mountain Bike is cool to ride on the road:

Got a great ride in yesterday evening. Headed out from the shop on my mountain bike. Hit the greenway and headed south. The plan was to go to John's Island, loop over the big bridge and head back. Got on the road at the end of the greenway for awhile and decided to do some exploring. There is a railroad line that parallels Hwy 17 for miles and miles. I decided to ride down it. There was an access road on a few sections, others I rode down the tracks. Riding down the tracks was better the faster you went. That is unless there was a crosstie missing. Had to pull off some quick maneuvering every now and then. Got way out in the middle of nowhere and rode across a long section of bridge over the marsh. Pretty cool or nerve wracking to ride. Had about 8 inches to ride on then a rail on one side, 15 foot drop into water on the other, tires going whump, whump, whump.
Anyways, got to the next road crossing down at Hwy 162, hung a right, merged onto Hwy 17 and headed north back to Charleston.
Pretty cool day, wish I'd brought my camera. Nice to ride some new stuff every once and awhile, even if it is unconventional. Later-DH

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