Sunday, April 13, 2008

Baker's Dozen No Go

Didn't race this weekend. Went up to Charlotte w/ Liza and Alex. Liza ran a 10K running race Sat. morning. We stayed w/ Liza's Grandmother south of Charlotte. The 10K went good, the rain held off for the most part. Got done around 11:00 , then I got to ride. Was looking for 4 hrs. at least so I headed south towards the Leroy Springs trails in Fort Mill. Did a 12 hr. race there in November and remembered the trails being very good and close by. It took me 25 min. or so to get there, then I was on dirt. The trails were in good shape and I had a great time till the rain showed up. After an hour or so it started storming, harder and harder. I got muddier and cold, I didn't want to tear up the trails or my bike so I ducked out to the baseball fields and hid out in a dugout. Called Liza and 15 min. later she came to collect me.
Got back, took a shower, ate 2 pieces of Key Lime pie, and zonked out on the couch for about an hour. Slept on the way home too. And all last night. Guess I was tired- I guess 4 nights of no sleep will do that to you.
Anyways, looking forward to Cohutta 1,000 gravel road extravaganza this weekend. Should be fun. Later-DH

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