Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Weekend Outlook

This weekend will hopefully be better than last. Racing in the Baker's Dozen 13 Hr. race this weekend. Gonna race the 2 man team with Brad. Never done a duo before. Should be fun. My legs should be fresh, they felt great last Saturday in NC. I haven't been riding a ton this week, trying to ease off my right hamstring- it's a little pulled right now. Got some time in on the rollers tonight and it felt better.
My new mountain bike fork will be in on Thurs. and I'm really excited about that. I got a Bontrager Switchblade fork. Gonna ride rigid singlespeed for a bit. It just feels better. The bike is so quiet, simple, and light. Most of the time I think the rigid fork is just as fast as the suspension. Most of the time. I like the singlespeed as well, it makes me ride harder up hill- can't ease off and spin. The only drawback is on the flats getting spun out. Fortunately, I am a road sprinter and can hold high RPMs for quite a while.
Anyways- looking forward to this weekend, driving up on Fri. AM to pre-ride and hang out. Brad managed to reserve an 18th century Huegenot cabin for us to stay in. Should be a fun weekend.
I'll let you know. DH

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