Thursday, January 10, 2008

Weekend Outlook

I've got a pretty good weekend planned. Headed up to NC tonight to build wheels @ Cane Creek tomorrow and Sat. Suppose to rain here on Sat. and be sunny there. That will work out well as I need to get in about 4 hours on the bike Sat. morning. Hopefully this will be the last weekend on the Surly as my Cervelo is shipping to me this week. Can't wait to get on that.

On another note, got to the doctor yesterday. They still don't know what is wrong with me, but they do want to take out my Gall Bladder to eliminate that from the equation. So if I have a headache do you cut off my cabeza? Anyways- the doc thinks #1- gall bladder is not well. #2 there is some muscular/ skeletal problem around my ribs. These 2 things are working together to cause me distress. So... I got a rib X ray this morning and have another doctor's appointment on Monday with the 1st genius that couldn't figure out what is wrong with me. I'll post again with some more inconclusive results on Mon. Later- DH

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