Sunday, January 06, 2008

Lab Rat

I feel like a lab rat. My week has gone like this:
Mon: 1 hr indoors on the trainer.

Tue: 2 hr ride on the TT/ track bike. Met Liza and we did the 5K resolution run in Charleston. Rode home.

Wed: Went to the doctor's and had an Endoscopy done. Got poked and prodded then got put to sleep and a camera in a tube went down the hatch and checked out my esophogus, Stomach, and large intestine. Everything was clear and no problems found. Doctor told me to take it easy and not exercise. With to which I replied " I ride my bike." That made no sense to anyone but it was ok since I was still on drugs.

Thur: 1 hr. AM again on the trainer. 4 miles PM on the treadmill at the gym. Spending alot of time indoors on various forms of the hamster wheel followed by scientific experiments.

Fri: AM - another medical procedure, another IV, 1 1/2 hrs lying still in a tube for another scan. 1 1/2 hrs ( outside! ) on the track bike to the gym ( back inside ) to find my maxes so I can set up my weight workouts. Ride home.

Sat: Got out for 4 hrs. Good to be outside for an extended bit of time. Did the group ride, nice day out, no January World Championships going on so it was a great ride. I kept HR at exactly 145-155 hr for 4 hrs. Drafted at the back pretty much all day. I am pretty sure I did the least amount of work of anyone on the ride.

Today: 1 hr AM ( back inside on the trainer ) PM: Headed out to Marrington Plantation for a 1 1/2 hr. MTB ride w/ Alex.

Headed back to the Doc. this Wed. to find out what Friday's test did not determine. Later- DH

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