Sunday, January 20, 2008

Coming apart at the seams.

I've had an action packed weekend. Started on Fri morning with a trip to the Gym for an hour and a half of weights. Came back home and picked up Alex for a dentist appointment. Got that done and we loaded up the motorcycles for a trip up to Wambaw Swamp to ride.
The sand was wet up there , with all the traction you could ask for. We had a pretty fast ride until Alex went down and broke off the chainguide ( block ) off the swingarm and lost the chain. I got it back togather for awhile, getting us closer to the truck. Then the chain came off again and wrapped itself around the primary drive cog and jammed everything up. Fortunately we were close to a forest road. Alex walked the moto out while I took the trail back to the truck and came to get him. Rolled on back to Charleston. Saw Cloverfield at the movies and called it a night.

Robert and his family came to town fri. night for the long weekend as well. Sat morning was start of over 24 hrs. of pouring rain. Great- needed to get a long ride in. So we decided to ride the trainers for awhile and watch the Giro. Nathan came over and we all rode for a couple of hours. That was much better than riding by myself in the living room. Did 35 mins. of Tempo and cruised the rest of the time. Got some food and went to the movies again last night. That however, was not the highlight of the evening. For Kellie's birthday we all went roller skating down at Hot Wheels roller rink. The Watkins had all brought their own skates so I figured we were in for a schoolin'. Yup. Robert and Kellie proceeded to skate circles around everyone. We all had a great time ( even with a superman impersonation on my part ) and got home tired and went straight to bed.

I had to work today so Robert and I were up at 7AM to get in a four hour ride before work. 30 degrees and blasting wind greeted us as we rolled out toward the beach. My legs were sore from skatin' it up last night and took an hour or so to loosen up. Just in time to spent the next 2 hours in a headwind. More tempo riding than I would like but OK. We caught up with the Sun. group ride for a bit then headed back home. 10 min. later and I was out the door to work and here I sit. Doing nothing. No customers. Wasting the day. Anyways- Liza and the Watkins have arrived with my lunch and it smeels good. Got to go- DH

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