Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Keep on Keepin' On

Rode home in the dark tonight. Got off at 8:30, suited up, and rolled home. I like riding in the night. Sure, it's nerve wracking on the busier roads but when you get to the quiet stuff, bike lanes, or the bridge it is very enjoyable. Feels weird riding in the dark when it is 85 deg. out. Night riding is usually a winter activity since it is dark after work and the only option. I get off of work when it is dark so I have no option. Had a headwind tonight so I was riding a little slower than usual. You get to see alot more activity at night from the bike than you would in a car. Ride through the hood in the dark and you would be surprised how much foot and bicycle traffic there is. There are more people hanging out on the steps than in the houses. The blue lights from the police cars are startling they are so bright. You would be amazed also at the number of bats that exist around here. Tons of bats.
After a detour passing cars down King Street ( I like checking out the lights and people out at night ) I headed on home. The connecter was eerily quiet as the headwind changed to a tailwind on the Harborview exit ramp. Going downhill combined with the wind shift caused a huge increase in speed propelling me quickly to the safety of the bike lane across the bridge. The tide was in as water was on the road and I could smell the sweet stench of pluff mud as I completed my journey home.
The house was quiet when I arrived and dinner was waiting on the stove. Now for a shower and some sleep. Gotta get back on the bike at 7am, ride to work and do it all over again tomorow.
Later- DH

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