Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Goodbye Velo-News

Dear Velo News-
I regret to inform you that I need to cancel my subscription. While your magazine is the best racing oriented mag out there and I enjoy it very much, the last cover was the last straw. When Lance was racing, 95% of all covers were dedicated entirely to him ( apparently the only important thing in bicycle racing ). OK- I can see past that. Then this last cover. Lance gets 2nd in Leadville. Dave Wiens has won the last 6 straight Leadville 100s. Last year he beat Floyd Landis, this year Lance. Dominating the race. Lance gets the cover. What's next? I got it- next year how about this one: Chistian Van deVelde wins the Tour de France, Lance gets a new riding lawnmower- Nothin' but a 10//2 jersey on John Deere green all over that cover! Give the race winner a blurb in the Hot or Not section. Rediculous. If I see lance in a current bike racing magazine again I think I'm gonna' puke.

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