Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday Morning MTB Necessity

Got up this morning, loaded the megavan, and rolled up the the Weapons Station for some MTB riding @ Marrington. Looking forward to a nice mellow ride to stretch the legs out after my travels, I was not prepared for what would happen next.
Got to the trails, got dressed, got out the new Yeti and rode over to the message board to start my ride. Someone had written lap times down on the board. Hmm- times and names, looks a little like a results list. No reason for that out here, if you want to compare times and such you need to go to a race, not the local trails. Maybe I'd actaully see some Charleston guys at races then. The damage was done however. Whatever part of the brain it is that controls my personality saw " results list" and clicked to race mode.
Like I said, I was not looking for a hard ride today, but I got one anyways. Pushed it pretty hard for the lap. Not full on race pace, but hard enough. The new Yeti is much stiffer than the old one. Coupled with my switchblade fork and the plethora of roots, it took me awhile to get in a rythm. After riding that Fuel it felt like I was on a jackhammer. Smoothed out and settled down after 20 mins. or so and started really rolling. Felt good to hammer for a reason.
Took 15 mins. off of the previously posted time. Not my fastest lap but solid none the less. Don't know who put the time up but hopefully someone will come along and kill my time. Then I'll have a reason to ride harder next time. Or not. I prefer to bring out the A game at races, not the weekday MTB ride.
Maybe I need to get a race going at Marrington again so that those lap times will count for something. Think anyone would show up?

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Scott said...

nice, new whip.

who doesn't love a fresh yeti.