Thursday, August 14, 2008

Overdue update

There has been a ton going on as of late. Just got back from the Trek Bicycles dealer show in Madison, WI. Spent a few days up there in seminars, checking out the 2009 product line, and riding the 09 bikes. The whole line looks great. Some of the stuff they were spouting was hooey however. Got in about 80 miles or so on various mountain bikes from Trek and Gary Fisher on Tues. The Fisher Superfly was my favorite until I rode the Top Fuel 9.9 . Best mountain bike I've ever been on. By a lot. I hate saying that. I've never said that the bike is what makes you go fast, but this bike WILL make anyone faster. Trek has created an un-level playing feild for riders on this bike. I've ridden all the designs out there and they are all fast. Until now. After some suspension adjustments, that bike was incredible. I was going to do one lap on it but ended up doing 4 laps and skipping the road demo completely. I had already ridden 4 hrs and was getting tired but after I got on the Fuel my lap times were getting faster and faster. The bike begs to be hammered harder every time. Got to get one. All I have to do is "find " $7000.

Got back home late last night after a horrible day of airline travel. New bike came in on the UPS truck when I got to work. Was built shortly thereafter and the Yeti is ready to roll. Now just have to make it through another long day of work and the weekend will be here.
Later- DH


Scott said...

how'd you already come and go?

i guess "concept stores" get a leg up on the "top 100"

sorry i missed you. you should have hit up road demo. the 7 series madones are unreal.

you coming to oregon for some cross?

David Hall said...

Don't need to ride a Madone. The one I have is the best bike I've been on. All I need to know!
Sorry I missed you, would have been cool to get caught up.
Yeah cross in Oregon is not out of the question.