Thursday, August 21, 2008

It's in the air

Rainy morning. Took out the trash and when I came back into the garage something caught my eye. My stack of tires was against the back wall. On top of those tires were all my cyclocross tubulars. My deep carbon race wheels were leaning conspicuously against the pile of Tufos. "No more road racing on the schedule" I thought to myself. Pulled off the road tires and on went the CX tires in all their red, black, and yellow glory. Much better. Those wheels look so good with the proper tires mounted up.
30 days till go time.
Just have to find a bike first. No one ever has them available until cross season is almost over. Every year, same story. You'd think the bike manufacturers would figure out what they are making the bikes for and when they will be used.

Heading to Pisgah this weekend for a 3 day backpacking trip up at Graveyard Fields with Alex. Should be fun. Come back Sun. then no holds barred preparation for cyclocross domination this fall. What I mean by "domination" is don't come in last every race.

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