Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Weekend Update

I've been really busy this week so here's a quick update.
Fri: Drove to Charlotte for Sat. MTB race. Stayed at Arleigh's- thanks for the hospitality!
Sat: MTB race- Smoked everyone on the running LeMans style start, got the holeshot and rolled it. Got caught at the end of the 1st lap. Got passed and was down 45 sec or so by the 3rd lap. Came back. 1 lap to go, I'm 15 sec back and closing. Got the leader in my sights when we hit lapped traffic. The leader squeezed around a group of women before the singletrack and I couldn't. That was the race right there. After I got around I drilled it as hard as I could but couldn't make the time back up. Anyways- A good race, I felt great and rode very well.
Sat afternoon I met up with Liza and her side of the family for her grandmother's 90th birthday party. That was a good time as well. Drove over to Brevard for a late dinner w/ Chris and Kent. Chris just returned from the World Cup Finals in Slovenia and was exhausted as was I so we called it a night and went home.
Sun: Loaded up the trailer with motorcycles and as much furniture as I could hold in the morning. Went on a nice mellow ride @ DuPont with Chris, Wes, and Horse Jockey. Great day and a fun ride. Much better than the 4 1/2 hrs back to Charleston that followed. Alex and I unloaded the trailer and van and hit the sack for some much needed sleep. DH out.

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