Sunday, September 09, 2007

I can see the form way out there... But it is getting closer!

Another great week of riding is over. 20 + hours in, 370 miles. Lots of solid mileage, rode hard on Tues, then had a productive weekend 4-5 hrs each on Fri and Sat. Good group ride on Sat then a trip to the beach with Alex in the PM. Getting my tan back and slowly losing weight. I'm really looking forward to cross season now as I should get rolling somewhere near the end of October. Gonna start running tomorrow so the next couple of weeks will be tough with that going down. Watched some good football games yesterday too, the good Tech won, bad Tech got crushed, and Georgia lost to SC. I wish GA/SC could have both lost but it don't work that way when they play each other. Anyways- looking forward to another solid week, gonna be up at my summer estate in the mountains next weekend, then kick back with a rest week after that. By the way- Carbon Race wheels for sale- CHEAP! any takers- lemme know, I need to get up some $ to get through cross season. Later- DH

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