Wednesday, August 19, 2009

XC National Championships Pics.

Sol Vista Ski area. A place I'll hopefully never return to. They cut the trails the week of the race and they were absolute crap. The first day I rode them they were fun........2 days later- hub deep ruts with 2 foot tall braking bumps. Don't get me wrong- the Amateur XC course was good further out- nice singletrack and fairly technical. The Pro loop was junk however. As usual. That was probably the last USA Cycling National event I'll ever do. Why pay $80 for that crap when the NUE series, Gone Riding, and other promoters have much more economical events with better courses. Anyways- here's the pics.DH

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Brian said...

Great pics. They've got more sand than we do on that course. Love that fine grain stuff when 100+ guys kick it up and you get to suck it in. Makes for some good mud coughups.