Thursday, August 20, 2009

Gonna hurt ALL winter now!

Ordered my new CX frame and some parts today. I have a sweet Salsa Scandium frame w/ an Alpha Q fork. Already have a parts kit, so I need to find some deep carbon race wheels and get some Tufos and I'm off! I haven't raced a full cross season in a few years and am excited for this one. Last year I rode a singlespeed 29er, the year before I raced on a Surly Cross Check. Not bad bikes but a bit off from the race bikes I rode in the past. This year's bike should turn out to be a rocket ship. Don't be surprised if I only run one gear at certain races though!
Planning on hitting up the NC series, NC winter cup, Mid atlantic UCI series, and maybe a race or two in the GA and TN series. If I'm not completely thrashed by mid-Dec.................maybe a trip to Portland for Nationals. A very faint maybe!
Anyways- gotta go- DH

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