Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Pike's Peak

Drove up Pike's Peak, ate "High Altitude 14,000 ft Special Recipe Best Ever Only Place Available Donuts". They lived up to their billing. Able to talk trash and back it up- that's why I liked these donuts. Did some bouldering and noticed it was late so we drove back down. We were forced to stop for awhile by the park service brake check station half way down. 560 degrees was the temp. on the brakes. I had the Megavan in the lowest gear possible but when it wants to go it's hard to reign in. I wasn't about to apologize or make excuses for pure unadulterated speed so we parked the Megavan and went climbing around some more. Got the green light again after 20 mins. or so and we took off again, soon to be in Boulder for the night.

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