Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Weekend prep

I'm slowly getting all my preperations done for the weekend. Finally fixed that irritating creak in my eccentric on the niner. I've been resting alot and doing shorter rides this week. I've found in the past that I do really well in endurance races when I've ridden little in the week prior to the event. After 2 weeks in the 20+ hr range w/ over 400 miles each I was ready for the rest. Did 5 1/2 hrs. last Sunday and felt like I hadn't even ridden. Of course I slept 11 1/2 hrs that night and 10 the next night. Guess I needed the rest! I've been just cruising around on the singlespeed this week mainly. I think I'll probably try to get in at least 3 hrs. tomorrow and open things up. Leaving at 6:30 friday morning with Joel for the drive up to Dahlonega. Should be there by lunch, ride some of the singletrack sections of Fool's Gold, and pick up our packets. 7:00 AM on Sat we roll out! Should be fun- tough, but fun.I'll try to get some pictures up for the weekend. Still need to get some CO pictures up!

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spokejunky said...

Your camera still not uploading? Need some help with it?