Thursday, February 05, 2009

Why won't it warm up?

Man- I'm about sick of the cold. I live at the beach for goodness sakes. One or two really cold days during the winter is about the most we ever get. That's why I like it here- mild winters. 40 as the low, 60 as the high. Feels like I never left Brevard. I feel colder here than I've ever been. Seems like WNC has been colder this winter than normal too. That last trip I took to Asheville was probably the coldest I've ever been- I never remember it being that cold. Actually, it feels colder a good bit of the time due to the incessant wind ripping through here. At least it's sunny!
Shouldn't be much longer until warmer weather though- just have to make it through today and tomorrow, the weekend is suppose to get back up to the 50-60 range. Then, my trip to FL will be here before I know it. When I get back from there, it will be spring here and no more cold! I should probably quit whining now- could be raining, I'll take cold over rain any day! Have to go now- need to take 1/2 hr to get dressed for my 1 hr commute to work.

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