Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Guess I complained enough in the last post!

The sun is finally out. It's been 72 degrees and sunny the last four days. This has done wonders for my "bicycle pedaling in competition practice". ie- training. Ended up with 22 hrs and 380 miles this week. Yesterday and today were beautiful out- got in 4 hrs yesterday and a 6 hr death march w/ Mr. Lee today. We did the same loop ( for the most part ) as last week but at 235 watts avg instead of last week's 218 avg. Partly due to bumping another 15 mins. onto the tempo block I did, and partly due to the fun of running 25 mph down hardpack dirt roads, we ended up w/ 120 or so miles. Those roads were perfect today- moist and fast instead of the normal dry and sandy conditions. Francis Marion National Forest is covered with roads like that, you could ride for days up there and not do the same loops. I really need to start heading further north and do some exploring. Anyways, I've got some good tan lines now, lost a few pounds and am starting to feel real strong on the bike. I don't have any speed yet but that will come pretty fast. I can turn a big gear over forever but probably couldn't accelerate out of a wet paper bag! Plenty of time for that later- another week and a half of base training and then I get to do some real suffering!

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