Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Let the Jealousy Begin!

I had a talk with Mike, my MTB team director yesterday about what bikes I will be racing this year and which events I'll be doing. I'll be racing a Niner singlespeed in almost every event. It will be light blue with green I-9 wheels. Depending on the course, I'll run a Manitou fork or the new Niner carbon fork. Here's the cool part-my frame is going to glow in the dark. Really, how cool is that? Who wouldn't want a glow in the dark bike? I could go camping with it- I wouldn't ever step on it at night accidentally. If I get delirious in endurance races at night- I'll still be able to find my bike. I wonder just how glow in the dark it is? Anyways- I'll race that bad boy most races but still have access to a geared bike if I need it. I'll also have a Jet9 suspension bike to use for 24 Hr events ( Big Bear and Moab ). Looks like all I have to worry about is getting to the race and racing my bike this year. ( Did I mention it glows in the dark?) Were going to have demo Niners for people to try out too so stop by the Terrapin Trailer and try one out. Coming soon to a race near you. Gotta go ride- Later- DH

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