Monday, February 23, 2009

Quick update

I just got back from the 12 Hours of Santos. I'm tired and sore but here's a quick update. Good weather- 70s daytime, 30s at night. Went down with Adam and Joel, Justin met us there. Good course- I had to race my rigid singlespeed making it a good bit tougher. That course was hard on the SS, rode a few laps and decided to overgear it and hope I could still turn the cranks over on the last few laps. The race went well- ended up winning the Singlespeed class by 2 laps and placing 5th overall. Not too bad- can't wait to get my geared bike with a suspension fork! Held up pretty good and rode strong. The last 3 hrs were very rough- I was barely making it up over the climbs and the downhills were beating me to pieces. I kept it rolling though and had a good finish. Same exact course as last year and I got in 15 laps on the 9 mile course instead of last year's 14 laps. I was really feeling the effort after this one. Usually I finish feeling like I could keep riding- not this time. I think it was the rigid fork and the tall gear on the climbs. My arms, back, and Delts were all cramping w/ 3 to go due to yanking up on the bars for leverage so much. Anyways- another great Gone Riding event in the books. Everyone that came with me had a good day and a good trip. Next up- S.E. Regional #1 ( If my new bike shows up!)

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GenghisKhan said...

Cnograts on the SS win and the overall 5th place--sounds like a great feather for your cap! ;o)