Sunday, December 16, 2007


Got out to the course yesterday for some practice. Got in 2 laps and my bike was unrideable. Completely frozen. Broke through the ice in a few spots and got muddy. The mud froze and then my levers wouldn't pull any cable, no gears, then no brakes. I couldn't even reach down and manually move the individual components by hand. Not even a micron. Then, my wheels froze. Wouldn't even roll. I grabbed the front wheel around the tire, rim, and a few spokes and yanked on it. Nothing. By this point my ski goggles were frozen up too so I called it and went back to the van. Snow continued to fall all day. Seven inches to be exact. Did get to watch one of the most exciting races I've seen in awhile. Bjorn Sealander and Jaime Driscoll put on quite a show in the U-23 race with Bjorn pulling out the sprint after a dramatic last lap comeback to win the National Title.

Today is raceday. It's 14 deg. out with a windchill of 5 deg. There's a ton of fresh snow and my legs are stiff and stale from not riding enough yesterday. Bring it on. DH

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