Friday, December 21, 2007


I don't like anything that begins with endo. Last time I endo'ed my bike I almost broke my face. Actally, I cut open my knee and had to get stitches. Anyways- I had my doctor's appt. this morning. He thinks it is gall bladder related. Sending me for another scan on the ol' GB and also scheduled me an upper endoscopy on Jan 2nd. He wants to go ahead and do all these tests, find out what is wrong , knock it out and let me get to training. I like this guy- I didn't have to wait at all in the office. He was standing in the hall waiting on me- got me in and out like that. I got some Nexium samples too. Hopefully that will help.

Got some news on the bike front too. Since I am gonna be riding a red Cervelo, I decided that I need some Red components instead of the old DuraAce parts. I placed the order today and should have my frame and my parts sometime before the turn of the century.

Have to get some sleep- gotta drive to ATL tomorrow morning to " celebrate " Christmas.
Later- DH

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