Thursday, December 20, 2007

2008 Scheduling

Changed a few things for 08'. I wanted to race the NC Winter Cup CX series in January. I'm not tired of cyclocross yet and want to keep on racing. Problem is that I'm pretty out of shape. Since racing doesn't really get you in shape I decided to bag that and get down to training. Lotsa miles will do me more good than racing in January. Plus- I forgot how tore up my lungs were after nationals. Don't need that again for awhile. Sooo... I probably won't race till sometime in March or perhaps April even. I'd like to get all my base work done before I race. No high priority races until july so I'm in no hurry to go hard. So I'm gonna take it easy until Jan. 1st or so then get to it. From now until then I'm gonna ride when I feel like it and have fun. Later- DH

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