Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Back home

It's good to be almost home. Drove straight in to work this morning from KC. Long story short- Started the race after a #127 call up out of 168 riders. I was about 8-9 rows back at the start which led to about a 3 1/2 minute gap to the leaders after the first lap. 2nd lap was better as gaps were opening. The course was extremely slippery and technical due to ice and mud. Thank goodness for that. I was riding well and moving up 15 to 20 positions each lap till 3 to go. Apparently instead of pulling racers when they have been lapped the UCI pulls them when they are 1/2 lap down. Anyways, got pulled with 3 to go, finishing in 66th position. About 3-4 min. later Page and Tim Johnson flew by going at it. Tim pulled it out due to a dropped chain on Page's part. I felt bad for getting pulled till Liza told me that the race was so blown apart that they were pulling people off after the 1st lap. Anyways- packed up and left Mon. morning for the long ride home. I'll try to get some pics. up tonight. Later- DH

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