Thursday, August 30, 2012

I Seem To Have Lost My Mind Somewhere Along The Way.

Started training again in earnest this week for the rest of the year. With a mixture of events coming up I'm doing a bit of everything. I was planning on racing only cross but Cal Naughton Jr. made the call to request my help for a 4 man team to contest the 24 hrs of Georgia. What am I going to say to So I'll do a 24 hr right in the middle of a bunch of 1 hr races. Then, this morning I saw a link to a 6 hr race near me- the Brunswick Brawl. I can't pass up an event only an hour away. And then, the king of all surprises...........Liza and I are doing the T word. That's right. A triathlon. I don't want to hear one single word about that! training has involved a ton of new elements this week. I've been running, swimming, strength training, and of course riding my bike(s). The soreness from the new movements and unused muscles has come and gone and I am starting to develop a rhythm. Running got much easier the second day ( I'm supposing there were a lot of cobwebs to shake out after sitting in the van for a month ), swimming bores me to death but is not as bad as I thought ( till I drown ) and the strength workouts are no problem. The bike is going well too. Made up some new intervals and tried them out today. I don't see how those things aren't going to get the job done! They were tough ( because intervals are easy right?)! I'm going to do those twice a week for 3 weeks and see what they do for my fitness compared to the usual intervals. Then, if they work like I think they will, my coaching clients can have fun with them! Looks like a busy fall! Combine my races with Liza's running races and we'll be on the move a good bit. See ya out there! DH

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