Friday, August 03, 2012


Got in a good road ride today. Headed out 550 towards Silverton for a few thousand feet of climbing. For some reason I feel crummy around 7000 feet but good once I hit 8000 feet and on up into 9000+. That doesn't seem right but it's the way things are going. The old powermeter confirms it as well. Anyways- good morning to ride, around 65 deg and sunny. I have a lot on my mind and decided to hurt myself for awhile to help that out. So I did. Felt good to climb hard. Yeah, I said that. The last person on the planet that EVER wants to go uphill. Felt good today and got in a rythm fairly easily. Could have kept on rolling all day I believe, but storm clouds were rolling in (literal) so I had to turn back. Picked up Matt on the way and we rolled out back down the mountains at over 50 mph. He got introduced to the old aero downhill tuck and how much faster it is. The rain finally hit us about 2 miles from the hotel, got a few sprinkles but rolled in just in time! ( And a flat for me turning in.) Another big offroad ride tomorrow and then we're off to Crested Butte! DH

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