Friday, August 03, 2012

Finally in Colorado

We made it to Durango yesterday evening. Left Flagstaff early, passed on stopping at Four Corners. The last time I stopped there it was hotter than 5,000 hells so I didn't fancy melting again. That, and the fact that we wanted to get on with the drive so we could ride again. Destination- Phil's World trails outside of Cortez, CO. The "World Famous" Phil's World trails. I don't know who Phil is but he didn't dissapoint! What a great trail system. Got in 23 miles of fast, flowy singletrack with just enough climbing to keep the HR up. Lots of clifftop riding on rock, some rock drops and technical stuff, and lots of sun. It was a high desert rollercoaster. The Vertebrae and Rib Cage sections were a blast! Super fast with woops, jumps, and swoopy turns. Well worth the stop. Next up- road ride up towards Silverton! DH

Pictures coming soon......something wrong with the blogger picture upload.

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