Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day weekend

Lots of stuff went down this weekend. 1. Cookout at Kent and Mary's place Fri. night- good food, fellowship, horseshoes, and stupid humans on bike tricks.

2. Got out Sat morning for a ride with Robert. 1st time on the bike in a couple of weeks- finally felt well enough to ride. Or so I thought- nice day but I was miserable- felt like I was riding at 13,000ft.- just couldn't get a full breath. So Robert unintentionally worked me over all morning. 3. White Squirrel festival this weekend, hung out downtown for a while- it was packed. The major excitement there was the soapbox derby car races down Jailhouse Hill. Checked out Wes D's car and saw some practice. Already some good wrecks in practice. Should be plenty of carnage to be had when the real racing starts this afternoon.

4. Ate lunch and went hiking at Black Balsam with Lisa and Jim who were up from Bufort, SC for the weekend.

5. Got out this morning for a hike with Liza. Left from Black Balsam on the Art Loeb Trail out to Shining Rock. It was a beautiful day out. Came back on Ivestor Gap Trail for about 8-9 miles round trip.

Planning to resume training tomorrow- I can finally breathe and think I can start getting some efforts in on the bike again soon. Later- DH

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