Monday, May 21, 2007

Hiawassee Trip

Had to go to Hiawassee, GA to pay a speeding ticket today. Actually it was in Hayesville, NC. Rode over on the moto last night to stay at uncle's house. Nice ride over - 100 miles on nice twisty roads. Finally starting to feel better, been out of action all week with a sinus/ allergy infection. It got so bad that I had to bail out on my team @ 12 hrs. of Tsali. Really bummed out about that but I was so bad off that I was bleeding out the nose from it.

Anyways- $140.00 later I got the ticket taken care of and headed home. Sort of. First I headed to Murphy to locate the Tellico ORV area. Couldnt find it but I did get a 70 mile loop in in the middle of western NC and TN. Headed home. Nice day out so I took the long way home. Headed off of 64 towards Standing Indian Campground. This was good because there was free water there at the campground. After Clay County had taken all my money and then some I didn't have, I had Zero dinero. Free water coupled with the huge package of 89 cent generic fig newtons worked out well. 20 miles of beautiful scenery and gravel switchbacks later I popped out on 441 south of Franklin, NC. Got back to 64 and rolled on back to Brevard. Hungry and tired, I took a shower and now I'm going to bed. Later- DH

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