Friday, September 14, 2012

Weekend outlook

I've been busy with my impending return to paying large amounts of money for a white piece of paper with a number on it that allows me to ride in some form of a circle ( or multiple circles ) with other people that have paid for their piece of paper as fast as we can and then look at our names on a list printed on another piece of paper and clap for the ones who receive a hat, or grips, or perhaps even $50 bucks for their efforts around said circle. The Gin and Trombones is ready, the R-Pod is packed, and 6 hrs later, Liza and I should be in Brevard. The last race I've done was the Leadville Money Grab 100 ( not a circular race... ) and am excited to see how the legs are doing. I've been putting in a couple of miles here and there. Mainly I'm just excited to ride my bike in the mountains with a bunch of like minded individuals. Not planning on running it wide open- cruising with my Old Spice team mate and enjoying the day is what I've got in mind. After the race is the real attraction though. We'll be camping all weekend with Cal Naughton and "The Real Matt Lee". Looking forward to using the R-Pod at a campground and relaxing with friends and family for awhile. A much needed get away might be what the doctor prescribed. What better place to do all that than Pisgah?

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