Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Double Dare 2012

So....even though I'm trying to focus on cyclocross this winter, Double Dare is still calling me. It's really hard to spend October doing one hour races when there is so much good mountain bike riding to be done then. I may be talking myself into pushing cross season back to starting in November. No biggie, my big priority races don't start till January anyway. Problem #1 with Double Dare is that my partner in crime has vowed to never do that race again (Not my fault). Problem #2 is that I'm signed up for a 24 hr race the following weekend. The 24 hr is on a 4 man team though so it won't be too big a deal. However, I will have to be careful to ride around and enjoy myself (?) at Double Dare instead of burying myself like usual. I can do that. Ride a bike all day for fun and see what happens. No problem. I do need a partner though. So...if anyone is interested in riding around Pisgah in beautiful weather all day for two days kinda medium paced (aka- "Relaxed Fast") let me know. I'm not planning on riding hard enough to win, but do want to ride all day and still get as many checkpoints as possible. It would be nice to be able to lay down and rest after this one instead of laying awake that night beat all to hell like last year.
Anyways- let me know if you want to team up...

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