Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Quick update from Albuquerque

I'm tired so I'll make it quick. We're in Albuquerque, NM now. In a small hotel room that required creeative bike storage. Started in AL yesterday morning after racing the SERC #9 in Ft. Payne. I had a decent ride, got 4th and made my entry fee and a tank of gas back. Matt flatted out of his race unfortunately. Great trails, rocky and rooty, technical but fast too. Highly recommended. I wanted to get some pics but had to wait until after the race to get a new camera so I couldn't. We made it to Ft Smith, AR last night. After 3 cinnamon rolls and a waffle for breakfast we rolled out. The planned stop to ride in Greenleaf Lake St. Park near Gore, OK was a dissapointment. Great trail- rocky and technical around the lake. Planned on a 17 mile loop. Looked promising....other than the fact that it hadn't been maintained since 1945. Badly overgrown with trees down every 30-40 feet caused an about face after 3 miles so I would avoid throwing my bike in the lake in a fit of anger. Matt immediately seconded my vote and we rolled out of there ASAP. Good thing because it soon hit 111 degrees. Anyways- good to see a Dr. Pepper machine. No Coke or Pepsi at this park, just Dr. Pepper....weird. Planning on a good am mtn or road ride from here in the morning, then on to Flagstaff, AZ. Planning an all day mtn ride there on Wed. More pics and updates to follow soon! DH

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