Thursday, July 19, 2012

Counting down the days

Training for Leadville 100 is going well, going to finish up with 25 hrs this week, knock out 23 next week, race in AL at SERC#9, then 2 weeks to just ride in AZ and CO and have fun! My power numbers are steadily going up while weight has come down and I should be lighter than ever come race day. Got my shock working again and the Epic built back up so I'm ready to roll. Making travel preparations with Matt as to where all we will be going/ staying/ riding. Now, if I can figure out how to breathe at 10-12,000 feet I'll be good to go! 9000 ft felt pretty good at Nationals in ID, and this time I have much more than a week to acclimate. The elevation at Nats really wasn't a problem, the thing that got me was the dry air and dumptruck loads of dust I had to eat with my less than impressive back row start. Hoping this won't be a problem in Leadville with the early start and being on pavement for a bit.

While I'm looking forward to the next few weeks of riding in the mountains, I'm really looking forward to the week after the race. Liza and I are headed to Moab the night after and I'm going riding the next morning. I've been through Moab 4 times now and never ridden there. Yeah. 4 times and never ridden in the most iconic mountain bike spot in the US. Time to fix that. From there, It's on to Vegas for a couple of days where we're gonna renew our vows at a bike in wedding chapel. I reeeally hope we can get Elvis to hook us up! Then- on to L.A. where we'll check out Hollywood and catch a Great White show at the Whiskey. Then we head home the southern way, hitting up Big Bend NP and New Orleans on the way. Gotta go- DH

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