Monday, October 11, 2010


I'm still here. Still hurt. Still bored. It's been a little over two weeks since I the vehicular assault and I'm going nuts. I have a ton more mobility now, almost back to normal. The pain is still the same as the day after though. From what I hear, that's the way it will be for awhile. Oh yeah- I almost forgot, I had to go back to the ER 2 weekends ago due to inability to breathe. Turns out that I have six broken ribs not two. Again- don't go to MUSC. The doc.was impressed that I ran out of pain meds. 4 days prior and only came beck then. My lung has returned to full volume and is still bruised but recovering nicely. The ribs will just take time. Nothing I can do about that.
I did get out for a ride this Saturday though. 3 miles around the neighborhood on the mtb. Got on the bike very gently and started riding with Liza. She upped the pace on me prompting a "counterattack" at 12mph. As I passed I tried to put the nail in the coffin and sprint away. Wrong answer captain! As I stood up and put weight on my arms, I also loaded up the upper body and the ribs screamed curse words to my brain. Not a good idea. So, as I got sick to the stomach from the pain, I got passed back and just had to deal with it. After a few minutes I was done so we headed back home.
Anyways, I have two to four weeks left of recovery- I'm thinking two though. I have been busy however working the details out for next year. Change is afoot and I'll know more soon.
Stay tuned- DH

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