Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I almost forgot to post pictures from the weekend. Alex and I drove to my parent's house in Dahlonega,GA last Friday afternoon. The plan was to visit and do some hiking. Saturday we got up early, grabbed some sandwiches and headed for the Appalachian Trail. After dropping my Dad's car at Woody Gap, we drove over to Neel's Gap to hike the 11 miles back. The parking was out of control even early in the morning. With such a beautiful weekend on tap there were tons of people out. Long story short- we had a great hike on an awesome day. The ribs were OK and the legs were fine. Very glad to have made the trip up. So here's some pics:


Brad said...

Glad to see you're up and at it after your run-in with one of God's "special" people behind the wheel. Miss our rides a good deal, lately. No gumption from anybody (too dark, too cold, too etc., etc.). We HAVE been very regular on the Marrington thing for the past couple of months on Thursday night, so jump into that when you can. Also, call me when you're up for a trip to Manchester. Maybe a big job change coming, so maybe more time to hang. Oh, and please tell me you checked out that Insane Clown Posse thing on my blog. You were a major motivation for posting that.

David Hall said...

Quality entertainment Brad!