Thursday, August 12, 2010

Today's Ride

Got a good one in today. Rolled out with Aaron from the Shoppe this morning headed for Goose Creek and some off road at Marrington Plantation. Got up there and onto dirt in about an hour. Things went well for most of the first lap until I crashed for some bizzare reason while going uphill. When I crashed my bike somehow landed on the back of my heel and broke the valve stem off. So now I have a flat on top of rolling around on the ground.
Anyways- We managed to finish up the trails and make it back to town as it was hitting 98 degrees. Just in time before it got really hot. We ended up with 4 hrs and 56miles in. A cold shower and a Burrito later it was time to hit the couch for a nap!

1 comment:

Ryan Bunge said...

Ice Ice baby! Should I come back, did you get tickets?