Monday, August 30, 2010

Duo W.

Brad and I headed up to Charlotte Friday night for the River's Edge Marathon. We got to the hotel around 1:15 or so and got to bed at 2am. After a not so good night of non-sleep we felt less than stellar. The hotel breakfast proved without a doubt why it was free to add to my growing discomfort. We loaded up and headed to the race, arriving an hour or so ahead of the start. It was decided that since the holeshot was so important here that I would start. Yay. Feeling less than enthusiastic I tried to warm up as best as I could. The start came up really quick and I rode up the road to line up. I didn't get the holeshot, but 2nd wheel into the woods was good enough. 4 hrs and 3 minutes later Brad finished his 2 laps and we won. After an unwelcome, rapid decrease in my front tire pressure five minutes into the 1st lap put me down 15 guys, things were looking grim. I finally got rolling good at the end of the lap, passing a few more guys. The 2nd lap saw everyone but me slow down by several minutes. My 2nd lap was 4 sec. faster than the first and strong enough to put us up on 2nd place by a minute. Brad then rolled out our fastest lap and we never looked back. I think we got the W by 4 min or so. Not a terrible day, I managed to hold it together despite feeling terrible and riding like I had never been on a bike the 1st lap. Overall I have to say this was a great event, good course,well attended, and very well run. I'd like to return next year for a repeat. If you haven't been to the U.S. National Whitewater Center- check it out, it's pretty cool. Later-DH

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