Friday, July 23, 2010

The Second Half of Summer

Not much going on here, trying to get some sort of momentum going for the 2nd half of the year. Finally getting some solid training in with a couple of big weeks now I've lost 11 lbs. Feeling better all around! It's a good thing with the upcoming race schedule. I've got what appears to be an epic battle at ORAMM shaping up this weekend, Fool's Gold 100 next month, then the monster Trans North Georgia on Sept 4th. Cyclocross starts 2 weeks later. I did get my new cross bike in last week. I'm in the process of building it up. I am racing on a Rocky Mountain CXR Team bike. It's all white so it must be fast! I'll post pictures and a review when I get some miles on it.
Back to TNGA. The process of preparing for this race occupies some of every day. There is so much to do before Sept. I am trying to sort my gear and figure what to carry. I am studying maps and cue sheets. I am also trying to decide on racing the singlespeed or gears. Rigid or suspension? Tarp, tent, or hammock? The list never ends. I have a shakedown weekend planned early in August to help me figure things out.
Changing the subject a bit- here's a retail story from work yesterday:

Customer: I need to pay off the balance on a bike.

Me: Sure! Which bike?

Customer: blah blah

Me: Here's the paperwork, Kevin will grab the bike and I'll meet you at the register to settle up.

Customer: How much is it? ( preparing to write a check)

Me: I'm sorry sir, we don't take checks. Do you have another form of payment?

Customer: This is the only way I can pay.

Me: Doesn't that check come from a bank account?

Customer: Yes but I don't have a debit card.

Me: That's fine, why don't you go to the bank where you deposited the money into that account and withdraw some to come pay me?

At this point I see the wheels are not turning anymore as the customer looks very confused. I am staring to think we are at an impass when the customer speaks again.

Customer: Can I use your phone? I need to call my mother. ( and I'm 30 years old.)

Me: Sure, no problem, here you go.

Long story short- Mom gives me her credit card info, bike is paid, and off he goes. Checks. The only reason checks should be used is between businesses and payroll.

Anyways- I need to go work on my bike now. I have to change to a 24 X 23 T setup for ORAMM if I don't want to walk on Curtis Creek Sunday. Just kidding. However, I may( for the first time ever) drop the 34T for a 32T. I feel like a wimp thinking about it though. The lowest I've ever run is a 34 X 21. That was fine out west last summer and I think the 19 was the 2nd lowest gear I used all year. Nah- I'll stick with the 34X 21. I shouldn't have a problem in NC.

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Emily said...

Unless you really want to do it SS, I would recommend gears. With the added weight of bikepacking gear some of those hills get pretty steep... and the long road sections would be pretty boring if you were spinning some climby SS gear. I was glad to have every one of my 27 gears.