Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Loaded up the Megavan w/ 2 Brads and Andrew yesterday and headed North to the wonderful land of Manchester State Forest. After a few stops for junk food and a requisitioning of an awesome "Bass Fever" vanity plate (courtesy of Brad P.) we made it to Manchester.

The trail was just as good as I remembered. My bike rode well and the shoulder held up fine. I did come up with a few gripes however: 1. I rode with a few gears on my bike. Reminded me why I've been on a singlespeed- hated the gears and they are coming back off! 2. I'm out of shape. Bad. I've been riding the road bike somewhat well but when you can ride a road bike effectively you can really fake being in shape and still go fast. On a mountain bike it's black and white- you know 100% for sure when you are not fit. Anyways- to paraphrase a great song-"we've got a long way to go and a short time to get there"- time to get to work.

Yesterday turned out to be perfect weather- high 60s- low 70s and partly cloudy. The trail was in good condition, and we all rode well together. The Brads were moving out while Andrew and I were cruising in the back. We had F-16 fighter jets screaming overhead all day on mock bombing runs and dogfights- pretty cool. All in all a good day out with no incidents. I'm looking forward to getting some fitness back and some of the big summer/ fall races.

Later- I've got to go ride now, I'm done being slow! DH

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